Friday, 15 April 2011

Photo Story - Evaluation

Overall, I'm fairly happy with the outcome of my Photo Story project. Though, I have some mixed feelings towards a few of my images. 

The majority of the skateboarding photos are exactly what I wanted, I've been able to practice more with editing which is my biggest weakness on the course - so i've really enjoyed playing about with effects. As I don't own photoshop on my own laptop, it's difficult to be able to learn more. The skateboarding photos mainly carried a large depth of field, capturing everything inside of the camera. To gain a crisp, sharp image I played about with shutter speeds to determine what would be the best setting. I think the photos could have been sharper, but without equipment like a tripod it was difficult to gain perfect photos. 

The Hyde Park photos are possibly my favourite, I used a multiple exposure setting on my Nikon D80 as i'd never used it before. The photos came out really well and I was pleased with the results. One of the photos in particular is of 2 of the lads part of the group I was shooting, are standing side by side, with a photo of the trees on hide park overlaying the first photo. I'd say it's probably my favourite out of the set.
The skating photos I'd say are probably my least favourite out of the set. It was difficult for me to get decent, close up photos without getting in the way of the skaters so I decided to stay in one place, shooting from one angle. As a set, I was fairly happy with them. However, as individual photos I think they're quite weak. I admit, my planning for the skateboarding photos wasn't as well organised as it should have been - purely for the reason I struggle to plan a photo-shoot, I'm more of a 'take my camera out and see what I find' type of person. I struggle to plan ahead, and I know this is what I need to work on for future projects.

The studio photos I was pleasantly happy with, despite some lighting problems, I was pleased with the results. I had problems with the screen in the middle of the studio reflecting light on the subject. The lights sat awkwardly in the room which was a real disadvantage. I'd planned to get some photos of the 2 lads corresponding through the glass. However, in editing I was able to wipe the reflections out of one of my photos - making it a grey scale type image; this is probably my favourite out of the set. I like how you can see the drummer and the producer talking through the glass, it gives a real friendly, team effort feeling to the image. 

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